There is nothing more natural than the Australian outback, peaceful serene and magical. It resonates of how the Earth was meant to be, so what has happened? Why does humanity have so much of a divide and so much war? What if everything you knew about life was all an illusion and that the truth was hidden from you? Would you be angry? Let us go down the rabbit hole and see what we can find. In many years of his own research and perspective of how things have changed, Dermot writes candidly about Human Nature, Raw Emotions, How we lost control of our planet, The Secret Space Program, Ancient Civilisations in Australia and Antarctica, Reverse Speech, QAnon, Solutions and much more. CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH? Who, controls who? Why? How is this possible? Reality is a lot stranger than science fiction. Buckle up for one big ride! Taking orders NOW! until April 30th. Printing will commence early May. Will ship all orders mid May. Those in Adelaide that have purchased can get your book signed at book launch May 29th. See events page for details Thank you for your patience. For easy conversions to your currency, I recommend using this site. Currency Converter - Live Exchange Rates | Xe

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