Making A Difference
One book At A Time

  • Dermot Kelly is an Intuitive Empath, researcher for the truth and family man. Through years of communicating with others from around the world, he is able to provide written documentation of his personal inter-dimensional reality with extra-terrestrial contact. 

  • His first book is titled “WEIRD” A Reality That Words Can’t Explain. Dermot is very passionate about sharing with great honesty how this Phenomenon affects people’s lives, both positive and negative. It has challenged him on many levels throughout all his life, which has heightened his awareness and abilities. He is dedicated to helping many people share their stories, either publicly or privately. 

  • His second book titled Perception or Truth? is an account of Dermot's research on finding his truth. He documents this by talking to many experts in their field and gives them a voice through his chapters. It is a very passionate account of how some may perceive what is going on around the world.
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  • Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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